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Keep machining ‘dry’ – link

Experimental investigations of vegetable & mineral oil performance during machining of EN-31 steel with minimum quantity lubrication – link

Improving Tool Life with Minimum Quantity Lubrication – link

Ecoresponsible lubricant application pays off – link

Minimize machining lubrication to maximize sustainability – link

Study on Near Dry Machining of Aluminum Alloys – link

How it works – Dry and near-dry machining – link

Macro-level environmental comparison of near-dry machining andflood machining – link


Application of Nano Cutting Fluid under Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Technique to Improve Grinding of Ti – 6Al – 4V Alloy – link


Effects of Minimum Quantity Lubrication in drilling 1018 steel – link


Effects of minimum quantity lubrication on turning AISI 9310 alloy steel using vegetable oil-based cutting fluid – link

Effect of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) on Tool Wear, Surface Roughness and Dimensional Deviation in
Turning AISI-4340 Steel – link

Minimum quantity lubrication in finish hard turning – link

Gear Hobbing

Application of Minimal Quantity Lubrication in Gear Hobbing – link